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Also I have a strong fetish fo everything made of wool, especially thick and cozy tights!

Dress them up over sheer nude pantyhose and wear them casually with a sweater at home. Some things are so essential, you canít imagine your life without them ñ like ribbed, knit tights! With a soft cotton blend and a sweater-like feel, woolen tights like these prove to be ideal company.
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Free shipping BOTH ways on Sweaters, Women, Nylon, from our vast selection of styles. Fast delivery, and 24/7/ real-person service with a smile. Click or call
XVIDEOS Mom strips from sweater dress and pantyhose free.
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Well, I love to wear it for you and to buttom it up and down all the time before it's time for me to get tied up and gagged again But in between let me slide into my suede thighboots! Dressed up like this I am ready for being bound as long as it pleases you! ANNA is a fashion model, she has modeled for the best magazines and fashion events, and this is her first time trying bondage, as a matter of fact, it was the first time she has been tied up and gagged in her life!!

Wearing a sexy outfit mostly consisting of ribbed wool tights, our cute Anna will feel what to be tied up and gagged is like. When you wear a cardigan, make sure to have a whole matching ensemble. Never, ever wear baggy jeans of any kind with a cardigan. A nice pair of tights will look great with your cardigan. Also make sure to wear a nice dress underneath it. Maggie gets tied up with wool tights and gagged and blindfolded with a bunch of overknee stockings!

Because you've been such a good boy, she's going to be nice to you - or at least pretend to be. Veronica was just about to leave the house, so Lucia had to remind her: I tie you up for tonight!!! Either she really enjoys her bondage, or she's simply resigned to her fate. And Lucia looks great with her woolen hood and knitted tights! Suzanna loves the feeling of being completely mummified in huge thick and wooly soft blankets, being completely and helplessly cocooned and unable to move at all.

I'm going to do that tonight. Wolford gets all ribbed up with these wool tights. Dress them up over sheer nude pantyhose and wear them casually with a sweater at home.

Some things are so essential, you canít imagine your life without them ñ like ribbed, knit tights! With a soft cotton blend and a sweater-like feel, woolen tights like these prove to be ideal company.

This thick kind of hosiery with a ribbed texture is perfect for cold temperatures, available in materials like wool and cashmere. Keep warm while remaining in style with ribbed hosiery. These thick tights in ribbed textures will keep you warm at hometuffed a stocking wrapped around my head. Dina has a shoe strapped to her face, completing her woolen gag. She is hardly able to breathe at all with her whole mouth stuffed and she is unable to pull away from the shoe gag. Playing kidnap games with my cousin when we were teenagers she would usually wear tights and use tights to tie me up, gag and hood me.

She then developed a taste for making me wear tights, usually just when she tied me up. As we got older tights and stockings played a major part in our kidnap games, both of us wearing them and her using them as bondage and gag equipment.

I got used to watching TV tied up, mouth stuffed a stocking wrapped around my head. The wool fetish is possibly one of the most mundane but simultaneously bizarre fetishes in existence. This could be from the subtleness of a woman wearing a turtleneck sweater or to the other extreme of being partially mummified in countless layers of blankets.

Pantyhose are the legwear of true style and finesse. Tights are designed to keep legs and feet warm. So the right thing is to combine both. The hose for the silky feeling of sheer luxury and the tights to feel cozy and protected: The interesting thing is that while on some level I can connect with these complaints, some of these very feelings are what I enjoy most about hosiery.

This is one very tight effective muffling gag. A pair of tights stuffed into CATHRINs mouth, the legs of the tights wrapped around her head, the whole thing taped with a layer of microfoam, a woollen hood placed over her face and her jaws secured with tight straps. Danielle wants some excitement in her life and she decided to answer a personal bondage add from a strange woman who says she will keep her tied up and gagged.

Knowing she has to give up complete control and that she will be kept bound and gagged is a bit scary to her, though Danielle can not help but get turned on knowing she will be tied up and gagged by a stranger We see her in her most innocent schoolgirl dress with ribbed wool tights, knee high boots, roped mouthstuffed and taped. Why do girls like being tied up?

Where does this come from? OMG - I love to be bound and gagged, there is nothing better than someone who ties me up in any way she wants and puts a gag on me! And by the way: BDSM has been misunderstood for years, generations Studies are now starting to show that people who practice this lifestyle are actually healthier than many others who find sex bad and dirty!

CATHRIN was about to be tied up and she was wearing the most wonderful sweater and tights combination you have ever seen. BUT the best thing is that I will be gagged everytime I'm bound - it's really, really nice Well that's what we call wool bondage! She shows you what it's like to be tied up tight and wool gagged and exposed! Add this with a turtle neck wool dress and ribbed tights and you have a dream come true Brighten up your normal outfit with some coloured tights!

A splash of color can be just the answer to liven up your look and give you a trendy edge. However, people who have not tried coloured tights before may be slightly daunted at the prospect. We're here to help. DINA shows you a whole bunch of colours combined in one bondage arrangement - three pairs alone for her hosiery-gag! I've always been fascinated by woolen tights.

But when I was a teenager I was ashamed to wear them openly and so I refused to put them on. During the years I've become more self-assured and I've started wearing them whenever I like. And it wasn't enough for me to wear only one pair of tights: I began to layer them, combine them with leggings and My most favourite pair are these striped ones In fact, I just ponied up for several more pairs because I realized they had held up beautifully to several years of hard wear and laundering, because they donít run, and because they're marvelously warm.

When he came from the bathroom I could see he was a little nervous maybe even a little scared. I sat him down and showed him how to roll the tights up his legs. By the time he was pulling the top up and fixing it just right, I knew right away that he liked wearing them.

We climbed up on the bed and he was swishing his legs around on the sheets and against me. I asked him if he liked how they felt. He kept commenting on how great they felt. I gave him a rub down running my feet all over his legs and rear end I could hear him moaning with pleasure. I then rubbed him some more and moved across to rub his front side. Let me tell you Viagra has nothing on this effect. I rubbed my hosed feet across the front panel of the woolen tights control tops and in less than 10 minutes he was in need of a fresh pair!

If you've ever shivered while wearing a skirt in the wintertime, you know the inconveniences and discomfort that fashion can cause. However, if you absolutely have to or want to wear a skirt during weather that warrants long underwear, there is a way to stay reasonably warm: You donít need to layer three or more pairs to stay toasty, as that's just uncomfortable and impractical.

Instead, you can strategically wear pantyhose with just two layers for maximum warmth. Part 2 of this stunning wool bondage photo set: Sitting on the bed, tightly bound with ropes and straps Julia slowly realises that this is NOT a robbery and her female captor is enjoying the situation, but things can change!!! Nadine loves tied up girls!! But when her latest "victim" is delivered she finds out that getting tied up came be fun for both of them!!

Veronica's mum was away and her step-mother was in charge. She wasted no time in demonstrating her authority upon the pretty girl's wool clad bottom.

First she administered an "on the spot" spanking over Veronica's ribbeds. After comforting Veronica, her step mother started to tie her up in a nice and tight "box-tie" style. This one ends with a cliff hanger as you can see that Veronica surely will get a nice hogtie, too This is some kind of an instruction to two ways of "winter bondage".

Make sure that in both positions your girl is firmly gagged! With a tight ball gag and a pair of thick woolen tights over her mouth prventing her from drooling all over her dress! Beautiful blonde DINA in sexy green tights gives JON a footjob while he wears ribbed blue childrens tights and a nylon stocking over his little friend.

Put on your favourite pair of tights, lean back and inagine it is YOU getting a footjob while you relax with your tights. Also check the video section for a 10 minutes clip. First of all Andrea lyered her tights over a pair of white sheer panythosehose before she slided into a pair of ribbed tights with a hole in the crotch for her upper body and arms.

Fully encased in tights she also put a woolen dress over her "bodysuit". Then we added some ropes and a nice ballgag to this "arrangement" red ropes suit her well! Now Andrea was ready to fully experience the sensation of wool bondage. Sitting on the bed, tightly bound with ropes and straps Julia slowly realises that this is NOT a robberyóher female captor is enjoying the situationóbut things can change!!!

These narrow ribbed knitted tights are made from all natural fibres and contain almost equal proportions of pure new wool and cotton. They are soft and pleasant to wear and combine the positive properties of new wool and cotton, both natural fibres.

This garment is warm and provides a good temperature balance, while remaining light and comfortable to wear. These tights are very suitable for winter sports activities, being warm but not thick. Or you can wear them at home without skirts or pants! And of course they are an ideal outfit for any bonfage session as they prevent the ropes for cutting into the skin of your legs!

In this set Julia poses for you to wake the wool lover in you! Your weekly dose of cuteness combined with tight ropes and a mouthstuffing gag! That brings us to a very basic question: What is a wool fetish? Julia starts with the fundamentals: Tights, sweaters, scarfs and more scarfs Well, the secret is out, Katy Perry isnít the only one who can kiss a girl and like it! Veronica is a wool mouse! And ANNA is a wool mouse, too! Both girls love to wear wool stuff like tights, sweaters, scarfs and caps.

So she talked Veronica who is actually a little afraid of being tied up for a long time into being roped with her in their favourite woolen dresses. And ist seemed to us that Anna has a very strong wool tights fetish Obviously tights are not just tights! If you still believe you can not look elegant while encased and bound in wool Dina shows you that you are wrong!

And if you still prefer sheer nylon encasement, then you haven't tried softer wools like merino and new wool. They are really so soft to the touch. I hate itchy wool. Two layers of tights yes, we love pink tights - don't they remind you of good old times? I am a straight guy and I am thinking about trying them - but not under jeans and trousers! I see loads of women in wool tights and they look really nice and I guess they are also warm to wear.

Is it also possible to layer them? To wear more than one pair at the same time? Iíve worn my tights so many times and am madly, madly in love with them.

Theyíre expensive, yes, but they are durable, virtually snag-proof, and marvelously cozy. And yes you can layer them many times, as Dina shows you And again two girls tied up while wearing sweaters and wool tights.

We surely can call this "cold weather bondage". Carola is absolutely gorgeous.. She can take large gags in her mouth. Evelyn is a very sexy girl and the fuzzy wool dress is absolutely fantastic in this shoot.

Got myself a pair of red ribbed tights today. Tied up and gagged I felt so warm and comfy remind me of the tights we wore in school! Wearing just tights and a jumper makes me feel lovely Next time I will show you! I love really colorful tights!! I love red, blue green yellow, and all that. I love the feel of it and makes me feel confident. Funny thing is that I hated it when I was a kid! What a nice couple. Sharing the same tights with your partner is simply the best! You can share the feeling without the need to explain anything.

And now this great footjob in those warm and cozy tights - Just relax and enjoy! Eveyln gets secured to a chair with two ropes and gets turned on as she has to watch her friend Veronica getting tied up and gagged by Carola. Both of Carolas victims have to smell her worn boots while gagged with woolen tights and bound very tight. All three wear wool dresses and ribbed tights. Also I have a strong fetish fo everything made of wool, especially thick and cozy tights!

When it comes to wool, tights and bondage, I can't get enough, but some of the more intense stuff isn't my style.

I hope you enjoyed the toe sucking? Would love to see the two of us again next time I'm up this way. I was about 10 or 11, when I tried on a pair of my sister's tights. I then went on to "borrowing" her tughts and pantyhose. Over the years, I started wearing tights frequently, then regularly about 15 years ago.

Now, I wear tights every day. I love to pull the tights as far up as possible but then they always ran down again. So I came up with the idea of adding braces or suspenders to them. So that's how it works: You need a size so huge you can pull them up to your bra. And then You simply add commercially available braces to hold them up. Your whole body is now encased in cozy warm tights Eveyln gets secured to a chair with two ropes and gets turned on as she has to watch her friend Veronica getting tied up and gagged by Carola What other evil things has Carola in mind What will happen to her victims?

I too love to wear fluffy mohair. Over time i've collected about a dozen fluffy mohair sweaters. The feel of the soft fuzzy mohair drives me wild. Lying here now bound and gagged in overknee boots, my hands in woolen stockings and my legs in soft cotton tights They feel lovely around my bare skin, around my legs and my bum. It's wool bondage sunday again! In months with an "r" every second sunday, Carola and her friends hang out together just in wool. That means sweaters, dreses, tights, scarfs all made from wool.

And of course everytime someone has to get tied up and folded in long wool scarfs for at least three hours! So, Carola gets tied up by her freinds Evelyn and Veronica. After her wrists and legs are bound with ropes and her arms secured to her upper body she gets tightly wrapped up in wool scrafs. Now the clock is ticking and for the next minutes Carola will be going nowhere at all Sit down and put on your most favourite pair of wool ribbed tights.

And then lean back and imagine YOU get this wonderful foojob by Dina. She wears a pair of WOLFORD kashmir ribbed tights and after she slipped out of her boots nothing could stop her feet from rubbing against wool! Bondage, Hogtie, Gagging and Boot Sniffing! I always guessed that women wore tights for practical reasons, to stay warm, when they couldn't be bothered shaving their legs, when they wanted their legs to appear slimmer and longer.

I was often surprised when a girl would explain to me that to them, wearing tights was just a normal thing like me putting on pants every day - you just don't think about it.

I said to myself that I would wear tights every single day if I was a woman, I wish I had the freedom to wear them in public with shorts or a skirt and knee high boots at any day.

Carola ties up Evelyn. Who takes her revenge shortly after, hogtying Carola and forcing her to smell her worn vintage leather boots! These tights are marvellous - they are the warmest and cosiest wool tights ever. I generally put them on over a pair of sheer tights, to walk to work, and at work take off these outer tights and keep the sheer tights on.

I have them in four colours, and wear them every day in winter even under trousers when I occasionally wear those at the weekend. They last very well - my favourite pair get worn a lot, but still lasted two full winters. They don't suffer bobbling except around the back of the heel. Combined with another pair for my arms and a loooong woolen cardigan I was ready getting secured and gagged It was also the first time I tried an armbinder made of tights!

If you are on ewhoe says: Each time I've felt my ears freeze I wondered why I wasn't fully encased in wool from head to feet, for I easily freeze at night in bed. And well that's it: Encased in wool feels good and keeps me warm and a bit of totally helpless, of course.

Being tied up is fun and exciting if you are into bondage, of course! But getting the ropes with your best friend is absolutely the greates thing on earth.

Bondage is normally a thing you only can share with other people who love the ropes, but if that turns out to be the case with a friend of yours - GO FOR IT! In this case, both girls even share their passion for wool! Dina for example always preferes cozy warm knitted tights instead of silky sheer pantyhose and sweaters for blouses!

I had been looking for dark red knitted ribbed tights for a while and finally settled on these ones from ERGEE. I would've liked them to be even darker but hey, whaddayagonna do abadit, right? I couldn't wait to wear them for rope activities.

I really love dressing for occasions, can you tell? I guess it's because most of the year, we only have our own inspiration to rely upon when we are uhm-ing and ah-ing in front of our closet, and fall's chilly weather makes it even more annoying to walk around in your skivvies for longer than is absolutely necessary, so having an occasion to focus my thoughts and sartorial choices is like a gift.

I really take fashion too seriously, don't I? My favorite part of Fall and Winter, is the excuse to bring out knitted tights and over sized knit sweaters. Layering is a must when it comes to colder weather, and the level of creativity one can apply with it is unlimited.

It's such a huge trend all over the world, that there is in fact an actual week dedicated to wool! Chunky sweaters are so versatile and could be styled in various amazing ways! Even if they are loose or fitted, thick or thin There are three things that happen to the millions of itchy, wool sweaters given as gifts by well-meaning grandmothers every year. Most commonly they are shoved into a drawer only to be pulled out when Grandma is in town. Sometimes they are re-gifted or given to charity.

But some people hold onto every bit of wool they can find. Not because it's warm. Not because it's the thought that counts. Because it gets them off.

One of them is Jenny: Tight ropes, gags and mouth stuffing. I love to be tied up and gagged wearing my sweaters. The combination of both bondage and sweaters drives me insane. Sliding slowly into knitted tights before I get my ropes is a special and very erotic ritual for me when it is about to be wool bondage.

When I received a small parcel another day, I was coming back from the post office with a smile on my face, then sitting in the car, with my hands in the package, with no sense of time or anything around me. Do you call it little moments of happiness? I've got some soft wool tights in the package and for that moment it seamed I was holding a world in my hands.

People have different passions. When it comes to feltmakers, it's usually wool one of the passionate things in their lives. Every wool is so different and every wool makes you feel and sense different things…especially tied up in wool is one of the most sensual experiences you can get! So every time it comes to ropes I prefer an outfit consisting of wool dresses, woollen tights and mufflers. Of course I prefer being gagged and hooded with wool tights, too. We are happy you found us!

Whether a male or female, or somewhere in between, wool will help to calm you, creating the ideal conditions for your relaxation. Treat yourself and your loved ones to wool bedding this year and feel better than ever before! A dream came true for Katharina in these Italian made wool tights. For an optimal fitting and even better feeling she wears them with suspenders!

Adding overknee socks and a turtleneck sweater Katharina enjoys her 'wool dream' and is finally ready for some bondage time! I started wearing these the day they arrived and I'm very pleased with how comfy and opaque they are. Sporting a discreet elastic waistband and minimal seaming, these tights disappear under the most fitted dresses or skirts.

This time I wear them because I knew that I'll get my legs bound so I wanted to feel as comfy as possible. So for all fans of tied up legs, these photos are for you! Wool tights and overknee socks are a huge trend this season!

The best fashion shows around the globe, including Chloe and Prada, featured wool tights in their collections. Not only have they been hailed as one of fashion's key items of the season, but they're also incredibly practical. Wool tights last and last! Treat your legs to a touch of luxury by trying a pair of merino blend tights that will leave your pins feeling extremely soft and warm. Or try and patterned pair of knits for a warm stylish look! Try a pair of Overknee Stockings on your hand instead of gloves.

They'll keep you comfy and warm. A nice wool dress and you are ready for getting tied up all weekend. Woolen outfits are the best for any bondage session since there is nothing more comfortable. Wool ribbed tights will make sure you look fabulous while being tied up as well as keeping your pins warm! Knitted tights for legs AND arms , cashmir turtleneck dress, a chair and lots of ropes: Some people love latex -- I love being covered in woollen and knitted stuff.

Another fine piece of wool bondage! Together with a soft and warm cardigan, these are really the perfect tights for bondage. Even after 3 hours being tied up I was still feeling comfortable!

Can you think of anything cozier than wrapping your legs up in a pair of super thick knitted winter tights on a cold winter day? So I've ordered my wool tights early this season to avoid missing out because nothing beats cozy warm legs, while Jack Frost paints our roofs white! I've worn these Wolfords three times, laundered them three times, and I'm madly, madly in love with them.

They're expensive, yes, but they are durable, virtually snag-proof, and marvelously cozy. It's so exciting that our weather has finally gotten cool Maybe that's why I'm already "cozying up" to thicker fabrics and soft wools. I pulled these gorgeous tights as shawls from inventory anddecided to dress them up a bit. The best shoes to go with wool hosiery are boots. Pumps are ok too but they need to have a trendy appeal to them for example; suede pumps with chunky heel, wedge heel, platform heel, etc.

Be careful with pairing dark tights with light colored shoes as they can make you look shorter. How do I look? Legs tightly tied and hands bound in front, Alicia desperately misses her gag! What do you think what be the best way to stuff her mouth?

Take a close look at Alicias new sweater - it looks sooooo soft and cozy you almost want to touch the picture Hogtied and mouth stuffed Alicia finds herself tied up and gagged as never before. Outside it is freezing cold but here inside Alicia feels cozy and warm encased in wool tights. She has to pose for a few pictures but after the camera is off, she will spend another couple of hours encased , bound and gagged.

Now Alicia gets bound and gagged in her brand new suit made of knitted tights. Totally encased in tights there is now way for her to escape. Watch how much she enjoys Vivianne putting rope after rope around her wrists, her arms, ankles and legs.

With this set of photos we will show you how to make a suit completely made of wool tights. You have all the elements of cozy comfort with a dash of surprise as you team some of your favorite knitted tights together next time you get tied up. The girls have found a new clothing style for their time off. You can wear tights on your legs for sure.

But only few people know that especially wool tights are perfect for mouth stuffing and gagging. They fit in every mouth, they are more comfortable to wear than any ball gag and they soak up every drop of drool that otherwise would spoil your sweater.

Everybody gagged with a ball gag or harness knows what I am talking about Just add a sweater and a few ropes and the fun starts. Wool tights and knitted sweaters match best to leather thigh boots as shown is this set of pictures. Doesn't look Alicia beautiful in her outfit? This is very very tight! I can't move any of my limbs even for an inch.

All I can do is roll over the bed like a ball. I can't reach the straps of my gag so that means I will be speechless for this afternoon, too.

But I was allowed to wear a sweater and thick tights so at least I feel comfy being while being tied up. And I have to admit it I think I like it Due to their novelty, expense and figure-flattering look, overknee boots are a strong fashion statement in any setting.

Balance between shoes and outfit is the key to looking classy and polished, rather than inappropriate. Pair your thigh high boots with wool tights and a sweater for a casual office look that emanates confidence and power. Classy ribbed tights for a classy lady. Carina chose a pair of brown vintage knee high boots to make her outfit perfect. We also think the lipstick matches perfectly to her big ball gag and the ropes give her outfit a very special note. We think all women should add some ropes to their outfits.

White ropes and red ballgags fit almost to every kind of style but especially to dark knitted wool tights. If one cozy warm sweater is good, two of them are better. With this in mind Carina decided what to wear for her afternoon in ropes. With bondage in mind you should choose your clothes very carefully. The softer and warmer, the longer you endure in your ropes. Totally encased in sweaters and wool tights. A dream comes true! Two sweaters, four pair of tights, mothstuffed and blindfolded also with tights.

The stuff woollen dreams are made of. So we let her staying bound and gagged for no less than 4 hours! And still after that Carina was a little said getting released of her woollen prison: I bundled up in this cozy sweater, striped cotton tights and high boots for a round of Bondage on Sunday.

I'm slowly but surely crossing things off my list that I want to try out and now, with less than a week to go before Christmas, I can safely say I'm almost done! Are you able to kick back and relax with all of your things done? Well I only can when I'm tied up and gagged. That's the only way I really can lean back and be with myself. A nice ball gag in my mouth really brings me down and gives me the feeling of being whole again. But only after I manage sliding into my boots with my hands tied up!

I can only speak for myself, but I think that wearing tights to bed is the best way to wear them. Usually, when I wear them under my pants to work, they're new or haven't been worn for awhile. However, after having worn them all day, I'll usually change into my pajamas and wear them under those too.

By this time, they're just a little more stretched out and feel a LOT more comfortable. I have to admit that it makes it a little more difficult to sleep having my attention focused on that amazing soft, silky, tingly feeling , but I love the feeling so much I wear them anyway. The only drawback is that it's hard to take them off the next morning when I have to get up and get in the shower.

Whether for special occasions or for daily life: The smooth ribbed-knit wool creates a plain but lovely look. The broad comfort waistband ensures the pressure-free and pleasant wearing comfort. I was looking for some thick white tights that are kind of knitted with no pattern for being tied up in them.

I couldn't find them in shops anywhere, just saw people wearing them and I really wanted to have some, because they are so much better than my boring black ones!!

I didn't want the thin ones so I was looking for wooly, thick like you used to wear to school. Now that I found some I couldn't wait getting my legs bound to feel the ropes on my new pair woolen tights.

These ribbed tights have an ideal yarn combination: With a fine mesh structure and soft feel due to a special finishing treatment. These tights fit perfectly. The reason I like them is because the ribbed texture is subtle and I personally think it's the little details that make an outfit special. And a good choice if you know you will get tied up with ropes in your tights for quite some time. Who doesn't love a curve-hugging dress that celebrates a woman's figure while looking classy and put-together?

Sweater dresses, angora included, are some of the most comfortable things you can wear in the fall. When angora is involved, they can also be some of the most luxurious feeling things you can wear. They're generally effortless even though they'll leave you looking like you got all dressed up and put in some serious effort.

The fabric of an angora sweater dress is incredibly touchable, and made from some of the softest wool around. And again like soft and warm wool tights an ideal choice for a long term bondage session. In the third part of our little wool bondage story with Vivianne we are now ready to add the ropes to her nice outfit. Wearing knitted argyle tights under my pants. Nobody can see them, but I can feel them! I was feeling the chill outside, so I also slipped into my knee high boots for these pictures.

Wool tights and boots - Just Feels Great! If you buy a pair of oversized cotton wool tights about two sizes above your actual size and pull them up over your breasts and fix them with a belt very, very tightly just above your waist you got a perfect woolen bodystocking. It feels great and it is a little bit of wool encasement you can wear every day!

For work I like to wear comfy clothes like sweaters and thick knitted tights. As I work bound and gagged eight hours a day it is important to choose clothes that prevent the ropes from cutting into my skin too much!

That's why I am wearing sweaters and tights even in summer. When I am at my desk I am bound and gagged. In fact I always work tied up.

From ten to six, five days a week. The first days at work have been a little strange but now after two years working in ropes I am totally accustomed to it. For lunch break I get released for an hour, but mostly I do my lunch break in cuffs. Meanwhile I have a nice collection of ballgags I am wearing at work so I can decide which one matches to my clothes. Now, granted some girls probably don't like the feeling of pantyhose as much as I do, however, I certainly suggest wearing them to bed and under your pants.

The only time I don't wear them, really, is if it's VERY hot outside and I am going to be somewhere where there's no air conditioning. But combined with a soft sweater and high boots it is fantastic! So when it is time for sweaters it is also time for pantyhose and boots. Burt now I have to leave because for me it is time to get tied up and gagged!

Tied up like this in my favorite sweater, tights under my panty and knee high leather boots I could stay like this for hours just enjoying my ropes and my helplessness. Wool tights are possibly one of the greatest fashion inventions of mankind. They are fun, funky and keep you warm. They can also be classy and elegant and depending on the quality of the tights, they can hide a multitude of physical imperfections. And many a woman will attest to this very important wool tights quality.

They come in various colors, patterns and thicknesses. And how decadent and luxurious does it feel to be tied up in cashmere tights? It is absolutely heavenly. That's the only word that can do it justice. Sandra wanted to know how it feels being kidnapped and being held bound and gagged for a long time.

So we made an appointment for a whole day 8 hours to be exactly holding her tied tightly to a chair. Just after 4 hours we changed her gag and re-gagged her.

I have to say it was great beinfg bound and gagged for such a long time, just me, my tights , my ropes and my gag. I wouldn't want to be kidnapped for real but if it happened I would like to be held like this. Alicia loves them from the first moment on and wears them with a short dress and kneehigh boots. Alicia decided to wear her brandnew pair of black, ribbed tights for her time being bound and gagged.

Hands tightly secured behind her back and her crossed legs bound at the ankles and above her knees, Alicia also enjoys a big red harness ball gag. White ribbed tights are the classich girls tights and Alicia couldn't resist putting them on, adding a pair of gothic boots and a nice cotton sweater. She was slowly sliding into her boots so we can see every step of how the boots enclose her long wool covered legs. Watching the pictures you can almost HEAR the zipper of her boots. After she dressed up, she anticipated the ropes and the gag, which had to follow as sure as day follows night!

Alicia gets simply tied ankles, legs, hands and arms wearing white ribbed girls tights and knee high gothic boots. The bite gag forces her to drool a little bit on her skirt and knees - "poor" Alicia! Wearing a black sweater, Jenny changes from a pair of well worn black tights into a pair of brandnew grey cotton tights. You can see every step and also a lot of shots of her beautiful feet. A set of pictures for all leg and feet lovers! Wearing pantyhose is a rite of passage for young girls becoming women.

Here are some suggestions on how to wear your pantyhose for the smoothest look possible. STEP 1 - Handle the hose gently. It is easy to tear the nylon by pulling too hard or by snagging the material on a fingernail. STEP 2 - Lightly apply some lotion to your legs first to make them smooth.

STEP 3 - Gather up one leg at a time and gently align your toes with the seams. STEP 4 - Pull up the hose very gently over your leg up to your thigh, fitting it tightly. Be sure not to yank it or you will tear the hose. Repeat with the next leg. STEP 5 - Stretch up both legs and the material up to its waistband. Press down to smooth any bumps that you might have and then stand up straight.

The fit should be form-fitting but comfortable. After this you repeat each step with your woollen tights. The result is the most sensational feeling your legs ever experienced. She's got soooo beautiful feet and adorable legs! And she was so excited while she was sliding into her Wolfords, stating that she NEVER before felt such soft and warm tights on her legs.

You can see how she enjoys sliding into the tights and watching one layer of ropes after the other is wrapped around her legs. Not all people can achieve full elbow contact when first attempted, however over time with multiple sessions Jenny became more limber and the tie could be made steadily more strict.

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