Косынка из бисера.

ALCOR MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION AND ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS. For background information see also: Becoming an Alcor Member [PDF brochure]; Schedule A - Costs; Funding Methods.

Second, Alcor must be designated not only as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, but also as its owner. Alcor Emergency ID Tags necklace or bracelet.

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Подробная карта Ожерелья (Россия) с улицами и номерами домов на сайте и в мобильном.
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Колье «Золотое» из бисера и бусин

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What's most important is that you answer the questions in Section IV , entitled Decisions Concerning Your Cryopreservation , as this information is necessary to generate your membership documents.

This fee will be applied to your membership dues once your membership is finalized and meanwhile you will automatically be an Associate Member.

After we receive your application, we will send a set of legal documents that you must sign to confirm your understanding of cryonics, your personal preferences, and your desire for cryopreservation. Samples of these documents are in the online Alcor Library. You will need witnesses for these documents, and one of the documents must be notarized. This is for your protection. We want to be able to defend your decision against any possible legal challenge in the future, when you may not be able to speak for yourself.

For most people a life insurance policy is the simplest and least expensive option. If you are planning to fund your cryopreservation through other means, please contact us. Alcor also accepts cash prepayment for placement into a bank account or trust. Alcor can provide a template Revocable Cryopreservation Trust which can be used as is or customized to meet your needs. But for most people, life insurance works best. If members residing in the continental U. Members who choose the neurocryopreservation option will receive cryopreservation of the head and brain, in expectation that tissue regeneration will replace the body.

There is no surcharge for residents of Canada. Second, Alcor must be designated not only as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, but also as its owner. This guarantees that the beneficiary cannot be changed without our knowledge, and we will be informed if the premium is unpaid. Alcor will provide a written guarantee that it will surrender its ownership status if you choose to abandon your cryonics arrangements or move to a different organization.

You may use any insurance agent, but if you have a problem or you would like to deal with a cryonics insurance specialist, please see our list of insurance agents or contact our Director of Membership Services, listed above.

Note that Alcor has no business arrangements with these agents and our list does not imply any endorsement by Alcor.

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