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With your bra on, measure firmly around your rib cage, directly underneath your breasts. The tape measure should be horizontal around your body and should not drop in the back. This is your underbust or band measurement.

It's a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Carry on the fantastic work!

This calculator estimates bra size based on bust size and frame size (band size). To ensure accuracy, measure to the nearest ¼ inch or ½ cm. This calculator provides results for the United States, the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand.
We CAN help you! We want to help you find the right underwear that fits you! If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us help. We are happy to do special orders or if our styles aren’t right for you, we will try to find you an alternative.
We CAN help you! We want to help you find the right underwear that fits you! If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us help. We are happy to do special orders or if our styles aren’t right for you, we will try to find you an alternative.
This calculator estimates bra size based on bust size and frame size (band size). To ensure accuracy, measure to the nearest ¼ inch or ½ cm. This calculator provides results for the United States, the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand.
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Body shape calculator – find out your body shape!

NOTE:The bra size calculator requires a minimum of 4 inches difference between the under and across bust measurements. Less than this means the cup size is below a AA. * US = United States of America. UK = United Kingdom. EU = Europe. JAP = Japan. AUS = Australia. NZ = New Zealand. B = Belgium. E = Spain. F = France. P = Portugal.

Measure around the fullest part of your bust usually over the nipple. This is best done while you're wearing a bra. Hold the tape gently so that the tape is resting lightly on your body.

Make sure that the tape measure is straight across your back, and sits parallel to the floor. It's important to find a bra that is well constructed, and the right size for you. A bra that doesn't fit or is poorly made can cause shoulder, neck and back tension, sagging breasts, and uncomfortable bulges around your breasts and upper arms and even where it fits across your back.

You can do your own measurements with or without a bra on. It's easier to get the underbust measurement if you have a friend to help. Doing this will help you find the perfect bra fit for your body. Use the calculator above to find your bra size for Australian bras; now you are ready to shop from one of the many BERLEI bras in your size! My two sisters wear completely different bra sizes and take after different members of the family.

I just lost 40 lbs and went UP to a DD and fill it. I was lying to myself wearing a D—a 42 D. What if you're fat with small boobs, I wear a 48B, and I can never find an underwire Bra! Well a comfortable one that is. I end up wearing the lame soft cup bras cause I can't find anything good. LaSenza attempted to carry "NEW larger cup sizes! I've since boycotted buying anything from either store PJ's, underwear and all and wrote a complaint email to LaSenza.

All I got was your typical "we don't take customer feedback lightly" comment.. Treacle — yes you are of course right. Many brands as so much more expensive here in Australia. I think it's down to a smaller market and also a teeny bit of retailers having had it too good for too long. I am working with some Australian designers at the moment so this will be great for fuller busted women.

I've just discovered your blog and can't wait to do more reading. I figured I would just be a reader until I came across the nursing bra comment. In fact we started selling sport bras because our nursing moms couldn't wear their old sport bras with their new milk-filled breasts!

Just to add a bit of information to the comments, Hot Milk and Cake do have beautiful bras, but they are all soft cups. I was also surprised by the fit of bras from the By Caprice label.

As a 32F I'm sick and tired of being labelled "plus size" by lingerie stores. I end up having to try to find a size that fits amongst racks of bras that have more resemblance to a barrage balloon than intimate fashions!

I'm a size 10, I just have ample bosoms and hate how hard it can be to find bras that fit me. I have bought a few of Debenhams gorgeous bras but I found them to not be quite of the quality of that of freya et al. As a 34GG maybe they just struggle with the bigger of the big sizes ;. JuliaB—Thanks for bringing a more international perspective to this post. I appreciate the Debenham's recommendation as well…you can never have too much info for this sort of thing! En Bouton—Stephanie from Dottie's Delights asked a similar question, and I would imagine that, yes, there is some difference between a 34B my size and a 28E my sister size, twice removed.

Even the cup volume was the same, there is probably some difference in construction. And yes, great point about how bra sizing is likely changing because the availability of sizes is changing. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Cheryl—Thanks for stopping by! It means a lot for my list to get an endorsement from an expert in full bust bras. Zoggi—Thanks for your comments! I especially liked your remarks about how a proper study into bra fitting should be conducted…definitely food for thought.

Kayla—A lot of retailers are having sales to clear out old stock in many of these brands. It's a great time to try a few of them out and see what works for you. This is so very true. If you want to know how much women's body shapes and sizes have really changed, you will need to look at records of actual body measurements, and conduct a study of original garments to find out if a s 34B is actually the same as a present day 34B.

Going by sales figures makes huge assumptions about the unchangability of bra sizing methods over time and ignores the women who wear bras that don't fit, and those who don't buy commercially made bras.

It would be very interesting to read a proper study involving measurements of garments in museum collections, studies of vintage advertising etc together with women's body measurements then and now.

The last set has a nursing bra! I'm always okay, often on the lookout for pretty, supportive nursing bras. You'd think that section of the market would be naturally engineered toward larger cup sizes, but nooooo. It's always a triumph to find a style that is supportive read: What woman needs good lingerie confidence more than a postpartum-bodied nursing mom? On the subject of the 'increase' in large sizes, I'm suprised that no one has mentioned either:.

The prevailance of home made underwear into the sixties in Europe anyway which obviously is going to attract those with less than shop friendly sizes the most, and take them out of the records;. The diet has briefly been touched upon, but also women were far more active, have you tried running a household without electrical appliances? It's not pleasent or easy. Exercise actually changes your shape far more than diet;. And I think most importantly, many manufacturers have changed the way that they size bras.

I know that should I buy a bra from a supermarket it would be a completely different size to one of my nice traditionally sized lingerie makers. I'm sure that the complete picture of why this change is sizes has happened is a complex one, and cannot even begin to be picked appart without the proper data, who collected it, from whom, and why.

I'm curious about how band size factors into this, as some of the smaller "full busted" sizes would equate to an A-D size on a larger band. Is a 30DD more difficult to design and construct than a 34C? As to why more people are wearing "full bust" sizes, I'm guessing better fitting advice and size availability are factors.

At the age of 12, I wore a 34 band; ten years later, I wear 28s. This is not because I've gone down three band sizes — it's because I can actually buy 28s now, whereas in it was hard for me to find anything smaller than In the UK Bravissimo is very much a high street shop as opposed to just a web boutique. Also in the UK, Debenhams a high street department store — one in every town does a great range for the fuller bust, called "Gorgeous" — they are much less expensive than Bravissimo shh don't tell anyone i said that..

Also, Bravissimo is ranked in the Times top best companies. This is a subject close to my heart pardon the pun! I worship at the altar of Bravissimo! I myself fluctuate between a 'late' Cs to a mid sized Ds to even a 'early' DDs! And I just have the hardest time actually finding a bra that fits me O. I hope one day that I'll be able to try some of these fabulous companies that hit your list: The change in average bra size is almost certainly down to more women wearing properly fitting bras.

Yes, an increasing number of women are overweight, but you only have to consider a typical bra fitting where a woman might go from a 36B to a 34D or 32DD, or a 42D to a 40F and you can appreciate how easily this will affect the average cup size. The increased demand for larger cups results in a wider size range being offered, which in turn raises awareness and encourages more women to get fitted. The end result is that finally it's starting to become recognised that DD cups are not necessarily large but average.

In the UK the average band size is dropping as well as the cup size increasing, and this is entirely down to fitting as we're certainly not getting thinner! The average size is reported by Bravissimo as 34DD or 34E. If these statistics come from retailers then we don't always know how they're calculated, although Bravissimo specified that their estimate was based on fittings rather than their sales.

I'm between a 28J and a 30G, depending on the brand — and my younger sisters are 30F and 30FF, so it's entirely natural and hereditary. I've tried most of the brands on here, and when you get above an E cup, they can start getting really strangely shaped, unfortunately, so it does require a lot of trial and error.

Eenie — I think a lot of woman who start wearing correctly fitting bras suffer from sticker shock, but I had to giggle at your comment.

Hi, thanks for the informative article. Have you heard of Prima Donna from Belgium. I believe they make great full figure bras. PrimaDonna does make great full-bust bras: I cannot speak to full-figure bras, though. They recently introduced PrimaDonna Twist, which is supposed to be a more fashion-conscious line than PrimaDonna.

I cannot wait until my Enell bras wear out so that I can justify replacing all of them with Freyas…. I second Prima Donna bras. They totally changed my life and worth every penny. I third Primadonna bras! Fabulous construction and worth every penny. Hi Since my interlude with T.

Latest comment by an anonymous I am so with you on bras for short, full busted bras. I have the wire problem too, in case you haven't tride them, the Bravissimo bras are lower under the arms than most, and so it is with Ewa Mickalak bras as well I still have the problem with them though, they could well have been a bit lower, it does hurt Everything by Panache is particularly high.

I agree with all of these recommendations, Treacle! What a beauty of a list — you picked all the ones I love! Now if they would only make one for short plus size and full busted. I have bras from most of those and the wire jst comes up way too high. I did see some that I had't herd of and I will check them out. Thursday—While I was working on this post, I was surprised at how most full bust bra brands come from Europe, and I kind of wonder why that is.

Darlene—Thank you so much for the correction! I've just edited the text to reflect the proper terminology. It can come in any size. But it's great that the lingerie industry is catching up to the distinction you've described. For the longest time, anything D cup and above was labeled "full-figured" in the lingerie departments where I shopped. I protested that a very senior bra designer in Manhattan had given me this terminology, but she wouldn't have it.

When I went to CurveNY this past February, everyone was making the distinction between full-busted and full-figured. I have the former but not the latter B , so most of the pretty bras I see are only ever window shopping. Australian brands are really quite far behind on making for my niche, so I buy a lot of European and American brands. I've found Cacique bras fit me well and easily found at any Lane Bryant store. They have terrific sales staff that will help you find the right fit both in the band and cup.

I've mentioned before that I'm one of those ladies bigger in the band than the cup, and I found I'm a 42C, but when I tried that size bra on, I muffined in the armpits, so moved up to 44C, which fits beautifully. Kristine—That's a great point. It makes sense that women will buy bras in their size once those bras become available.

I wonder if there will be more any more changes to the average over the next few years. Kelly Rae, Lillefix—Thanks for commenting! I'm making a list of reader suggestions for another article. Debbie—Thank you for stopping by! Out of 20 links in this article, only 4 are from affiliate partners. They also happen to be the sites I buy my own personal lingerie from most frequently.

As always, affiliate relationships are explicitly listed on my Site Policies page. I guessed it wrong, thought it was 36C the average, ha! Would love to see an official statistic on this, don't believe much on the hype. Kelly and Lillefix I also noticed some other great brands were missed here, I guess it's because Treacle mainly focus on websites that she's affiliated with thru an Affiliate program for comission basis.

I'm starting to notice examples from the same websites over and over. In conclusion this is an interesting article, love it although would like to see a real study basis on this.

Mine are definitely inherited from family. I have a very small band size combined with a very large cup size. I'm sure I'm a lot bigger than someone on war rations, but I'm normal weight, and would still be if I was a bit lighter or a bit heavier. You have not mentioned the company for full cupped women which I think is the best one, it is called Ewa Michalak.

This is their website: They have a very large selection of sizes, if you do not see your size at all on their webpage, you should send an email, because they do make custom sizes as well, for instance if you need a smaller band than 30 or 28 they will make it. My favourite Thalia style also has a very subtle, almost bullet-like shape that looks spectacular under clothes. Hi yes have to agree the Empreinte esp the thalia is great have a few and just fit like a glove. When my mom was younger, she wore a 34DD, but had a 21" waist.

Her rib cage definitely wasn't 13" larger than her waist, so she had to make do with a 34DD that didn't fit. Yes, Americans weigh more now than in the past, but with the prevalence of large cup 28 and 30 bands, you can't say large cups are because women are getting fatter.

Yes, women are getting implants, but a lot of women are also getting reductions. Also, a vast majority of women who need large cup bras have natural breasts.

I have a feeling there'll be a pt. Laura—So glad you like it, lovely! The average bust size isn't just bigger in America—it's increasing all over the world. I imagine it has to do with a lot of factors.

Dottie's Delights—That's a great question. It's implied in the NYTimes piece that manufacturers and retailers are using sales data to arrive at the new averages. I'm personally curious how they came up with this average. The WWD article says the 36DD is the median, but how do you order bra sizes that are using 2 different measurements?

Would a 34B be considered bigger or smaller than a 32C? I'd love to see the original study…. Likewise, a 36 A would be roughly equivalent to those sizes.

The average breast size is getting bigger across the world and there are a few reasons. Earlier use of the contraceptive pill, the increase of calcium in Asian diets and over using hormones and antibiotics in livestock which makes its way into our diet.

The increase is bust size isn't proportional to us getting bigger all over — lots of girls have just got bigger boobs and a regular body size. I wonder why the average bust size is so much bigger now in America. Is it because more woman are over the weight or is it because more women are getting implants? I have a feeling it could be a mix of both. What do you think? I disagree… the addition of extra HORMONES in MEAT is why girls are develping at a much younger age my niece is a 32DD as 12 years old and chemicals in the environment, which did not exist years ago — affect the hormones in our bodies which affects our growth and the timing of it as well.

Birth control pills are a big one when it comes to changing the genetic makeup. With so many parents allowing their young teenage daughters to be on the pill it opens up the door for whacked out hormones. Shailyn, genetics can skip a generation or more. You had a father, right? Her aunt and grandmother were well endowed, my mom and grandmother not so much. I also live in the US. They change the way your body responds to things but this has nothing to do with genetics. I wore the wrong size for years.

Also, the same age groups would need to be statistically represented over the course of each study. There are environment and cosmetic changes as well.. Yes there is an increase in breast amongst pre-teen girls. I travel internationally and I hear the same thing everywhere..

China has also seen a raise in breast size. My poor athletic daughter wears a 38 H. She is begging for a reduction. I really think the earlier development of girls and larger breasts has something to do with the environment and the added hormones in food and other products.

Thank you so much for doing this post! The difference between Full Bust and Plus Size is significant. Our Canadian online boutique only sells full bust and plus size bras because understanding your fit and the importance of style is so important when you've got a lot going on upstairs!! We particularly love Alegro too for full bust women because it's affordable and SO pretty!

I would like to order some plus size bras, but I am not sure where is the link to buy them on the lingerieaddict website. Could someone please help? As Cora has already said, The Lingerie Addict does not sell any lingerie through the website, it is a blog only. For some of the listed styles. Figleaves has the largest size range available, and all of the sites listed do ship internationally.

If you would prefer a brick-and-mortar retailer to online shopping, you can find a list of offline retailers at http: If you are in the USA, you may also want to try Nordstrom, as they generally carry up to a UK H cup, and down to a 32 band, and their fitters are generally more skilled than those at super-chain-boutiques.

Many of the brands you mention are not available at Norstrom. Yes, these have bigger sizes, but generally they fit you in a Warcoal for the larger bust. I have never seen all the fabulous bras you showcase here. Are there any stores in the Bay Area, or do you know of folks who hand make bras.

You used to be able to find folks who special made bras for people. I broke my left shoulder 6 months ago, and I wear a 36 G.

Would like to find someone to make me a one shoulder right side bra because I cannot wear any straps on my broken shoulder. Panache, Elomi, Fantasie, and Freya are all sold at Nordstrom. As far as handmade bras, very few people produce bras to order in higher cup sizes, and those that do often charge a premium 3 figures per bra at minimum.

I hope this helps and best of luck with your search. All of it depends on the manufacturer. Not all plus size women want padded cups or seams. They make clothes gap and the seams show through. Here is a challenge: I would like to see it without padding, have a u-back, under wire, no-seam.

I want it to be comfortable for more that 5 or 6 hours. Every time I find something, the company that makes it, takes it away. Also, I would like to find a strapless or skinny strap that I could wear sundresses with.

I know I can dream, but hey I want comfort. Bra shopping is a royal pain in the neck and I have a tendency to stick with old, worn out ones for a long time because it takes forever to find anything.

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If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Now please check your email to confirm your subscription. Order Your Copy Today! This blog post contains affiliate links. Panache, Cleo by Panache, and Sculptresse by Panache: Panache is a globally recognized brand specializing in fuller bust sizes. Sculptresse by Panache is the plus size range and is the newest member of the Panache family.

Including all three ranges, the Panache company offers band sizes and cup sizes D-K. There are also swim and sport lines. Founded in , Miss Mandalay was one of the first full bust brands to reach mainstream popularity with beautiful designs that put fashion on an equal footing with fit. Band sizes range from , with cup sizes going from D-H.

Tutti Rouge makes bras in band sizes and cup sizes D-J. In terms of prints and mesh and lace, Elila is not the most exciting name on this list, but they do offer something very rare in the bra world: Specifically, Elila produces the band size range and the cup size range DD-N.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive; new full bust brands are entering the marketplace everyday. But hopefully, this short little directory helps to put you in touch with a bra company that may work for you.

Was it included here? Do you know of any new brands TLA readers should try? Please share your thoughts in the comments! Bravissimo , Cleo by Panache , Curvy Kate , elila , Elomi , Fantasie , freya , full bust , full bust bras , large cup bras , Miss Mandalay , panache , parfait by affinitas , plus sized bras , sculptresse by panache , Tutti Rouge.

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Turns out, there may be a lot of reasons. May 3, at 2: April 21, at 9: April 22, at 4: July 9, at 7: April 20, at 1: March 19, at 2: January 14, at 1: December 4, at 9: November 21, at October 9, at 9: September 26, at 5: September 26, at 9: March 23, at 9: February 10, at 1: July 31, at 7: July 11, at June 12, at 6: June 6, at 1: May 17, at 4: April 11, at May 16, at 4: March 7, at 1: March 7, at 2: February 5, at 2: September 10, at 2: Even worse, it might negatively affect how well your lymphatic system functions.

A lot of women, as it turns out, do not wear the right bra size. This is because many of them do not take the time to consult with a professional regarding their bra size or even take their own measurements.

Instead, these women rely on the size of their old and used bras when shopping for new ones. This is supported by our study participated by 1, women who were asked in an online panel about bra sizes. Result of the survey showed the following:. Ever wonder why you have the set of breasts that you do? Here are four of several factors that influence the size and shape of your breasts:.

There are several red flags to watch out for when fitting bras, and once you encounter one, you need to either size up or size down. Here are some of the signs that you are wearing the wrong bra size:.

To find a great-fitting bra that provides optimum support and gives you a more flattering form, it is not enough to take your underbust and chest measurements as well as your cup size in consideration. You must also think about the shape and positioning of your breasts. Here are several breast types and the bra styles that suit each one best:. Do you have a slightly larger bust?

Then it is important that your bra is the right size and fits well. As a rule, a big bust is very heavy and should be properly supported with the appropriate bra. Women with a large bust whose bras do not fit properly can suffer from various physical discomforts. When buying, you should consider that the intended support of the bra is 80 percent dependent on the underbust brace and not on the wearer of the bra, as is often mistakenly suspected. If the brace of your bra fits too loosely and slides upwards, the bust load is transferred to the bra straps.

As a result, the bra straps intersect causing tension and pain in the back and neck area. Do you have a big bust? Then you should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing the right bra:. With breasts of different sizes, the shape of the breasts is often different, the nipples sit in different positions or point in different directions and the volume can vary from side to side.

In the case of pointed breasts, however, the course between the upper part of the breast and the nipple is conspicuous and can appear almost triangular in profile. To a certain extent, bras with molded shells act as a template and shape maker shapewear. They do not allow the nipples to shine through the upholstery and clothing, creating a balanced appearance. To increase the symmetry in case of small side differences, the beam lengths can simply be adjusted.

For larger differences in volume, on the other hand, cushions and pillows are suitable. But even then it is important to choose the right bra size first. Breast malformations, operations, and hereditary predisposition can lead to a pronounced difference between breast sizes. However, removable cushions or additional cushions can be used to achieve a more symmetrical shape.

Shell bra cups or variable padded push-up bras can be used as the basis for this. Removing removable pads and cushions on the side of the larger breast is ideal and easy.

On the side of the smaller breast, on the other hand, they are inserted so that support is provided in the underbust area. On the one hand, this has a relieving effect. On the other hand, the breast tissue is pushed upwards by this measure, fills the basket and promotes a symmetrical appearance.

Brassieres with straps running over the neck are suitable for asymmetries as well as for pointed breasts. The breasts are automatically raised slightly, which makes the upper part of the breast more voluminous. In addition, different sizes can be easily compensated for by the aforementioned aids. Inserts that are used attract less attention or are easier to laminate.

However, it is also important for these triangle or neckholder bras to focus on designs with padded cups. There are many advantages that come with regularly wearing properly-fitted bras. Aside from hiding the nipples and enhancing the aesthetics of your upper body, wearing a supportive and right-fitting bra might help delay the sagging of the breasts. It also reduces the pain and discomfort you feel when your breasts are bouncing, especially if they are larger than average.

Bras also provide insulation, reduces friction, and regulate sweating in the bust area. Nowadays, a lot of women choose not to wear a bra at home and in public. Women are hit by puberty at different ages. However, there are early bloomers that develop breasts as early as 8 years old and late bloomers that do so at 15 years of age. Therefore, your daughter should start wearing bras when you notice that her chest is starting to grow since she may already begin to feel discomfort and pain at that point.

Moreover, your child might be more self-conscious about her chest, and she may unknowingly alter her posture to hide the protrusion of her bust. There is no rule of thumb at what age you should start wearing a bra. The age at which a girl needs or wants a bra is a very individual thing. The decisive factor for most girls is the desire to feel beautiful and feminine with a bra.

Another reason, of course, is for the breast to have support. So if you want to wear pretty, feminine underwear, now may be the right time for your first bra. Or if your breasts have already grown and you feel like they need to be held or formed for a certain outfit. Expecting mothers may choose to wear or not to wear bras.

However, there are some benefits to wearing on since breasts tend to be larger, heavier, and more sensitive during pregnancy.

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Discover how to measure your bra size & find your perfect Australian Bra Size fit. Shop for BERLEI products in your bra size - FREE delivery Australia wide on orders over $ JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Step 3 Bra Size. Third step is to select your bra size. Your bra size is simply the combination of your body size and cup size. Therefore, if your body size is 12 and . This calculator estimates bra size based on bust size and frame size (band size). To ensure accuracy, measure to the nearest ¼ inch or ½ cm. This calculator provides results for the United States, the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand.